Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be used for both tooth and soft tissue related procedures. With the use of the laser, we are able to avoid having to get your child numb for small restorations only. Larger restorations are NOT able to be completed by use of the laser. Ultimately, our restorative approach is conservative, and we want to do everything we can to keep your child comfortable.

Imagine dentistry for your children with less shots and a lot less stress! Our highly skilled dentists use a high-tech laser to achieve results with less needles, less numbing and less tears.

The laser puts the tooth to sleep by focusing light and water on the tooth. It then vaporizes the decay and sterilizes the remaining tooth structure. The laser makes a mild popping sound, "like a popcorn popper", as it vaporizes decay. Some children say it sounds like "pop rocks". A filling is then placed, and the tooth is fixed. Many times, several procedures can also be done in one appointment saving you time and travel!

Not all dental work can be done with the laser, but some of the benefits of laser dentistry are:

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