Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide produces a relaxing effect without causing the child to fall asleep and also serves as a mild analgesic (pain reducer). It is also one of the least invasive sedation methods that we use. Nitrous oxide can be titrated easily to adjust the amount necessary for your child's comfort and because it wears off so quickly, the residual effects are low.

Nitrous Oxide inhalation is safe and is used to relax your child and reduce their sensation to pain during their dental procedure. Your child will remain awake while the gas is administered. After the procedure is finished, we will ensure that they breathe oxygen in order to clear the Nitrous Oxide from their lungs. Once your child's procedure is over, they should be fine to resume their normal activities with no lingering side-effects of the Nitrous Oxide. We base our use of Nitrous Oxide on your child's age, anxiety level, gag reflex and the extent of the procedure we are performing on them.

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